Our independent, private practice was established in 2000 to provide research-backed, family-friendly psychological services to the individuals of Harrison and its surrounding areas.

Our approach involves carefully listening to you and your situation. Together, we take a fresh look at your challenges, design a unique plan with you, and work with you to achieve the changes that you desire. To fulfill our commitment to clients, we offer a range of diagnostic testing and therapy services to meet a variety of challenges, including grief and loss, post-trauma reactions, depression, anxiety, marital distress, ADHD, parent-child conflicts, learning disorders, and personality issues.
Family Psychological Center, P.A.
623 North Walnut Street
Harrison, AR 72601
At certain times in life, people struggle with worry, shame, depression, grief, or simply feel cut off.

Others find it hard to sleep, canít manage their job any longer, fight against addictive behaviors, or find themselves resenting or arguing with loved ones.

Children and teens fall behind in school, cannot pay attention, feel depressed, or resist their parents and authority.

Therapists at FPC have been helping people in Harrison and its surrounding areas with these and other issues since 2000.

We provide effective, confidential services that you, your children, and your family need at difficult stages in life to get back on the right track, including individual therapy, couples therapy, psychological testing and assessment, and relationship therapy.
Meaningful life involves real challenges.
 (870) 743-6225
We encourage you to seek caring, professional support.
Something will grow from all you are going through, and it can be you.
If you believe that you or someone you love needs the assistance of a trained therapist, please contact us. We will be happy to listen and respond to your need.
Confidential Services in a Family-Centered Atmosphere